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ECU Reflash +15 Bhp - Exige Cup 260 2008 on

ECU Reflash +15 Bhp - Exige Cup 260 2008 on
ECU Reflash for 260bhp Exige Cup 260.  Gives appx 20 bhp gain over the standard Cup 255.  Price includes installation at Hangar 111.

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Optimised ECU remap for the Exige Cup 260. Available for installation at Hangar 111 Limited. 

Vehicle must be present for reflashing of the ECU via the OBD port.


This reflash has the following features:

- Optimised ignition map

- Optimised AFR map

- Optimised valve-timing

- Optimised throttle map

- Rev Limiter at 8520


Requirements for this Reflash:

- Original 3.2 Inch Pulley is Required

- Sports Exhaust System is Required

- Induction Kit is Required

- Sports Catalyst is Required

- Uprated Intercooler or Chargecooler is Recommended


Where vehicles are running at or over 275bhp, we strongly advise the use of a water-air chargecooler system.  Our GT and Racing chargecooler systems lower inlet temperatures which in turn allows maximum ignition and fuelling for performance.  A chargecooler system also protects the cylinder head from thermal load which may cause longer term damage to the engine.

All maps have been developed by Komo-Tec and are available exclusively in the UK from Hangar 111 Limited.

Please note: All maps require a minimum of 98 Octane 'super unleaded' fuel.  All power increases mentioned are based on vehicles which have been fitted with Hangar 111 recommended products.  We are unable to guarantee the stated power where vehicles are equipped with modifications and parts from suppliers or manufacturers that are not recommended by Hangar 111.