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GT Chargecooler System - Exige

Budget water-jacketed chargecooler system with front-mounted pre-cooler, pump and all parts required to fit. Developed for all supercharged Exige variants.  Original intercooler is required by exchange.

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Our entry-level chargecooling system for road and moderate track day use.  Not suitable for aggressive track use or competitive racing.  Designed for all models of the Exige S for road or track where lower inlet temperatures are required – giving more power and greatly reducing thermal load on the cylinder head.

Aimed at the fast-road community, our budget chargecooler system is designed for cooling from a pre-cooler radiator mounted in the front grille of the car to a heat-exchanger mounted in place of the original Exige S intercooler.  The engine-mounted heat-exchanger is a direct replacement for the original factory fitted intercooler.

Installation does not require removal of the vehicles coolant radiator, air conditioning or oil coolers, however the front clamshell must be removed to install the pre-cooler.

The GT Chargecooler System includes the following components:
- Front-mounted pre-cooler (plain alloy finish)
- Rear mounted water-jacket heat-exchanger (black finish)*
- High quality Reverie carbon fibre chargecooler cover
- Bosch high-flow water pump and wiring harness
- All required hoses, clamps and fittings

*Original Intercooler is required in exchange.


For UK and Northern Europe, we recommend a coolant to the same mixture and specification as that used in the engine – see our Cooling and Lubricants section or related items for details.  For hotter climates, a simple 'Water Wetter' product mix is sufficient.

A more attractive intercooler/chargecooler mounting kit revised mounting brackets is also available for all intercooled and chargecooled Exiges to refine the engine bay appearance.  Please see related items for details.