Lotus Elise Sport 220 Track/Race Car

This car ran in the Elise Trophy series at various points between early 2019 and late 2020. It also competed in several 750 MC Roadsports and CSCC race meetings during this time.

The base car is a 2017 Lotus Elise Sport 220 which features the Toyota 1.8ltr 2ZR-FE engine producing around 218bhp in factory form. In 2019 the car was built into a production-class race car by Hangar 111.

The car is currently fitted with the manufacturers original engine management as used in the 750MC and CSCC race meetings. The car can be fitted with a regulated ECU for the Elise Trophy if required.

Currently Fitted with the factory race seats and runners (which were compliant with the series’ above), the car would need to be fitted with an FIA certificated seat if the chosen race series requires it.

The car has a complete vinyl wrap covering the original paint which is Lotus Carbon Grey. The bodywork underneath is sound and where scrapes have taken place, these have been repaired and vinyl replaced over the top to protect.

The car is fitted with a set of factory forged wheels and comes with a second set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels.

Built, maintained, and supported by Hangar 111 throughout its racing life. All repairs and updates were carried out at no-expense-spared by the previous owner until the car was purchased by Hangar 111 in 2021. After a year in storage, it was then refreshed and made ready-to-race for 2022.

Features/Spec List:

  • Lotus Certificated Roll Cage FIA Compliant (with Certificate)
  • Installed Video V-Box HD with Two Cameras
  • MyLaps Licenced-Type Transponder Unit
  • Hard Top Roof
  • JRZ Race One-Way Adjustable Suspension Kit
  • Electronic Battery Isolator (Cartek)
  • Lifeline Zero 360 Electronic Extinguisher System (2.5ltr/4 nozzle)
  • Schroth HANS 6 Point Race Harness (Driver) – Valid End 2024
  • Schroth 4 Point Race Harness for Passenger Seat – Valid End 2023
  • Front and Rear Towing Eyes FIA Compliant
  • FIA Rain Light (Cartek)
  • Upgraded Later Type Lotus Gearshifter Assembly
  • EC60 Gearbox features Hangar 111 upgraded selector forks
  • Temperature controlled Gearbox Cooler Kit
  • All new PFC brake pads and brake discs
  • Front Driving/Spot Lamps  (original headlamps available)

The car is road-registered with V5 available, and would require minimal work to put it back on the road.  As such it would make an excellent and reliable track day car.



  • Elise Sport 220 Race / Track Car
  • Numerous track upgrades
  • JRZ suspension
  • Upgraded gear shift and gearbox

£ 35,000.00

Elise Sport 220
Fuel Type
Super Unleaded Only
Engine Size
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