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Luke Formula 4-Point Race Harness

Luke racing FIA 4-Point formula harness with 3 inch shoulder and 2 inch lap straps with spreader.  For wrap-around or bolt-in type harness bars.

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FIA compliant safety harnesses specially made to fit all Elise, Exige 340R and 2-Eleven.  Attaches to bolt-in or wrap-around harness bar (bolt points on harness are removable).

Additional product details:

- All types of Luke harness carry an "in house" serial code tag for production history trace.

- FIA harnesses are fitted with homologation tags to each strap.

- Fully adjustable Crotch straps are also available which include 3 bar slider/adjustment plates.

- Powder coated, spring loaded, anti-creep shoulder strap adjusters.

- All Luke harnesses are sewn using the traditional straight stitch method.

- The famous Luke" red" handle offers instant recognition for drivers and Emergency crews.

- 50mm coated, spring loaded, Antkreep strap adjusters (B series only)

- Double layer Load spreader pads for additional comfort.


NB: Each harness is indicated as handed for left or right side of the car, so that when undone the buckle sits to the inside of the cockpit (away from the door).  Please remember to order one of each side (in the same colour) for a matching full car set.