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Signature QT Exhaust - Exige/Evora V6

Track day-friendly stainless-steel sports exhaust featuring our Quiet Technology silencer that does not require repacking to achieve low noise.  For V6 powered Exige and Evora models (excludes Evora 400).

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Our Signature “QT” (Quiet Technology) exhaust silencer for the V6-engined Exige and Evora models, has been developed to pass the increasingly stringent noise limits being imposed by track day operators.

During back-to-back testing on an Exige EX460 (460bhp), the silencer recorded drive-by sound level averages of appx 85dB at Brands Hatch, whilst the OEM silencer recorded 97dB (and was black flagged).  All tests were carried out with exhaust hot and scrutinised by the MSVT monitors. 

Static sound levels recorded were 93dB and 96dB, respectively.  The EX460 spec Exige features less restrictive induction and manifold configuration, so standard cars produce even better results.

The sound level of the exhaust has not been achieved at the cost of power.  Flowbench testing against OEM and other silencers during development, the silencer is proven to flow sufficiently well to deliver the full power of our EX460 kit.

The silencer does not feature any loose-packing type material, so does not require re-packing. It is a direct replacement rear silencer and works with any manifold and link pipe combination. The twin round tailpipes have a diameter of 85mm, and feature perforated internals and machined tips.

Developed and produced from scratch to our own specifications, using bespoke parts, by our industry-accredited UK-based exhaust manufacturer.  This silencer has full E-type approval, and is road legal for use throughout Europe including Switzerland.


Please note that this silencer is not yet available for the Exige Sport 380 and Evora 400 models - this development is coming very soon!

Exhaust clamps supplied may differ from those shown, based on availability.