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Moroso Baffled Oil Pan - 2GR-FE

**In stock**   Baffled aluminium oil sump pan for V6-engined Exige and Evora cars. Essential for preventing oil starvation when on track and during fast road use. Fitment: All V6-engined cars.

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The Moroso oil sump pan is designed to prevent the excessive movement of oil away from the oil pickup which can occur during hard cornering.

In some cases this oil "surge" can starve the oil pickup of oil long enough to cause oil pump failure and premature crankshaft wear or even failure of the control rod bearings. This is due to the very basic design of standard sump as fitted to the V6-engined Exige and Evora cars. 

The Moroso oil pan significantly reduces the movement of oil away from the oil pickup. It does this by using a series of plates and baffles to carefully slow down the movement of the oil around the sump, keeping the oil pickup submerged in oil.

Simple installation:
- Works without bending the original dipstick
- No change to the original Oil pump or Collector is required
- Fits without modification to the undertray or surrounding components
- Locating studs and nuts to ensure correct alignment
- Supplied with Wurth sealant for a perfect seal

Product Features:
- Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum
- Internal baffling ensures oil control not present in the OE oil pan
- Can be used as a bolt-in replacement for the original sump pan
- 3/8" Billet Aluminum rail
- Metric studs and nuts included

If you value your car and want to use it hard, we recommend this product as an absolute essential. You have been warned!  Essential for preventing oil starvation when on track and during fast road use.

Moroso are the biggest name in baffled oil pans - Do not accept cheap substitutes!