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Chargecooler Pump Kit for Water-Air Intercoolers

Chargecooler Pump Kit for Water-Air Intercoolers
Bosch High-performance replacement chargecooler pump.  Selected by Hangar 111 for durability in competition use and high flow rate.  Complete with all fittings and wiring.

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Replacement for existing chargecooler pumps or for use in conjuction with aftermarket chargecoolers.  As featured in the Hangar 111 Racing and GT Chargecooler kits.


The chargecooling system relies on strong and reliable water flow to ensure the intercooler is kept at the lowest temperatures possible.  Our chargecooler pump kit is a complete solution, that comes with all the necessary wiring, relays and mounting clamps needed to secure it in position within the vehicle.  The kit does not include chargecooler or pipes.


We have chosen a pump with a more substantial motor winding for two reasons:  The pump is more durable and can take the abuse thrown at it by track days and racing; and secondly in practice, these pumps have proven themselves to be less prone to blowing fuses than smaller pumps.