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Odyssey Extreme Race Battery

Odyssey Extreme Race Battery
Extreme lightweight racing battery from Odyssey. Superior cranking power and good recovery from low charge levels. Fitment: All.   Weight of race battery - 6.48kg Weight of standard Elise battery - 10.58kg

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- Pure virgin lead plates for maximum surface area, optimised recycling
- AGM (absorbed glass mat) design eliminates acid spills
- High conductivity, corrosion-resistant tin-plated brass terminals
- High integrity terminal seal
- Safety design - gases recycled internally during operation or charging
- Safety relief valve per cell
- Robust intercell connections prevent vibration damage

Design life - 8-12 years @ 25°C
Service life - 3 to 10 years
Electrolyte - Drycell ("starved electrolyte") no external leakage or corrosion
Storage life - 2 years before needing charge @ 25°C