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Jubu Racing 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

Sequential 6-speed gearbox in original housing for the Elise 111R, Exige S2, Exige S and 2-Eleven.  Suitable for track or race use. 

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Jubu's quality and precision engineered sequential gearbox is the finest product of it's kind for Lotus motorsport applications. It is a race-proven fully-sequential gearbox that can be run with original or aftermarket engine management.

Featuring straight-cut gears and final drive for maximum strength and durability, the gear are installed into an original C64 gearbox housing which means no modification to the engine mounts, clutch, driveshafts or flywheel are required - even the centre-console can remain!  This is a professionally engineered, truly plug and play solution.


Gearbox Operation:

As with most sequential solutions, the clutch is needed to shift into 1st gear for pulling away.  The accelerator must be lifted for all up-shifts.  The clutch is needed for all downshifts, however a very careful driver can achieve clutchless downshifts but it does put the gearbox at risk of damage.

WITH OEM ECU & JUBU FLAT-SHIFT BOX:  The accelerator can be left flat to the floor on all up-shifts. 

WITH AN AFTERMARKET ECU:  The ECU can be configured to cut ignition for flat-shift operation using the output connection from the gearbox.


*Flat shift box available separately and includes shift lights, gear position indicator and all required wiring.


Supplied as a fully assembled gearbox with components including:

- OEM Toyota Gearbox Housing

- All shifter cables

- Gear Lever (Carbon fibre)

- Gear position output pot for aftermarket ECU or flat-shift box

- Drexler LSD (but can re-use customers own)


Gear ratios supplied as standard (customisable):

1st - 2.333 : 1

2nd - 1.667 : 1

3rd - 1.294 : 1

4th - 1.050 : 1

5th - 0.905 : 1

6th - 0.818 : 1

Final Drive - 5.0 : 1



- Carbon gearstick

- Paddle-shift compatible

- Gear selector mounts into the original position

- Compatible with all aftermarket and original differentials

- Gear Ratio's are customisable to you requirements

- Capable of driving up to 450NM!


Video of this gearbox in use with uprated final drive (so is noisy compared to road version).