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Jubu Racing Gearset - 2ZZ/C64 Gearbox

In stock   Uprated 3rd and 4th gears to replace the weaker Toyota fitted parts that are prone to failure in tuned Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven. Specially manufactured for Jubu Racing. Rated up to 295lb/ft.

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The 3rd and 4th gears of the Toyota C64 gearbox are prone to failure under the stresses of motorsport and high-performance tuning of the 2ZZ-GE engine. The gearbox also runs very close ratios in standard format.  This is transformed by the Jubu Racing gearset which runs 3rd and 4th gear ratios to give slightly higher road speeds in each.

When replacing the gearset we also recommend that the final drive is replaced which is also a weakpoint in the transmission and while the gearbox is apart it is a strightforward matter to replace it.

The graphs shown depict the gearset performance when the gearset is used in conjunction with the Jubu Racing final drive kit that is considered an essential when rebuilding the C64 gearbox for durability and reliability.


As you can see below, the Jubu 3rd and 4th gearset used with the standard C64 final drive provides longer gearing in 3rd and 4th (e.g. you spend more time in that gear), but this is rationalised when the Jubu 5:1 final drive is employed, giving an overall shorter ratio for improved in-gear accelleration.


Ratio comparisons when used with standard 4.529:1 final drive:

3rd Gear  

  - Std: 1.481:1 (max 90mph)

  - Jubu: 1.438:1(max 94mph)

4th Gear

  - Std: 1.166:1 (max 115mph)

  - Jubu: 1.105:1 (max 122mph)


Standard ratio/final drive comparisons when used with Jubu Racing 5:1 final drive:

3rd Gear  

  - Std: 1.481:1 (max 90mph)

  - Jubu: 1.438:1(max 84mph)

4th Gear

  - Std: 1.166:1 (max 115mph)

  - Jubu: 1.105:1 (max 110mph)

This setup provides faster accelleration in 3rd and 4th gears - and essential feature for track or competition driving.


Note: The Jubu racing final drive reduces the top speed down to 132 in 5th and 149mph in 6th gear.  With the benefits of the increased accelleration we are unaware of anyone having an issue with this!


We can provide a full installation service for this product ar our workshops.  Please contact us for more information on this service.  Hangar 111 are the UK dealer for Jubu Racing products.