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Komo-Tec Exige V6 Phase 4 - EX460

The EX460 kit achieves 458bhp and 368 lb/ft (500 Nm) of torque and gives the ultimate Exige V6 performance. Make your Exige V6 a supercar now!  Price includes full Installation and setup at Hangar 111 workshops.                                                   Available for Sport 380 at same price.

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For the ultimate in supercharged V6 Exige performance, we have the Phase 4 EX460 upgrade kit.

In addition to the components used in Phase 3, a chargecooler system is added allowing further engine management tuning to achieve approx 458bhp and 368 lb/ft (500Nm) of torque. The chargecooler system provides a significant reduction in inlet temperatures, allowing more power to be safely released from the engine by the ECU.

In order to integrate a high-efficiency chargecooler core into the existing supercharger inlet system, it was necessary to replace the original intake manifold with a newly developed component. The new intake manifold is CNC-machined billet aluminium and allows the chargecooler core to sit between the supercharger in its existing location, and the engine intake. In conjunction with a small increase in boost, the chargecooler allows optimisation of boost pressure and ignition timing, delivering a significant increase in useable power and torque in the middle of the engine rev range.

This kit installs within the original engine bay space (heat exchange radiator fitted in front of car), with no modifications required to the bodywork - in fact, it is barely visible from outside the car!

If your car already has the EX390/410/430 kit fitted, the EX460 has been developed as an incremental kit, re-using existing upgraded components, thereby reducing the overall cost.

This performance upgrade kit comes with optimised manifolds and sports catalyst, however there is an option to use your existing aftermarket manifold and sports catalyst if they are already fitted - please contact us for pricing.

Please note that this upgrade is not suitable for vehicles with the IPS gearbox.

Fully installed, setup and tested at our workshops by trained technicians, each car receives a full diagnostic health check, giving you complete peace of mind.

The EX460 upgrade kit includes:
- Engine diagnostic health-check
- Performance-optimised quality stainless steel exhaust manifolds *
- Free-flowing sports catalytic converter *
- Carbon fibre induction kit with K&N high-flow cone filter *
- Modified supercharger pulley *
- Chargecooler system:
  - CNC-milled billet aluminium inlet manifold with chargecooler core (black anodised)
  - Heat exchange radiator (fitted in front clam)
  - Electric water pump
- Engine management system reflash
- Installation at Hangar 111 workshop

* If EX390/410/430 kit is already fitted to the car, these items may not required to upgrade to EX460 - please contact us for upgrade pricing.

Hangar 111 are the exclusive UK distributor and installer of Komo-Tec performance kits.