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Signature Exhaust Twin Exit - Elise 111R/Exige S2/2-Eleven

**In stock**   Stainless steel sports exhaust system with 7 inch silencer and twin-exit tail-pipes that pass through Hangar 111 rear grilles or rear-panel eliminator. Fitment: Elise S, Elise 111R, Exige S2, Exige S and 2-Eleven. 

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Stainless Steel Sports exhaust designed to change the tail-end appearance of the Elise and Exige with the Toyota engine.

Noise level is dependant on state of tune, but you can expect an average of around 94-98Db in most applications.  Noise levels may be higher when used with a decat pipe.

Users of this exhaust have the option of a Hangar 111 Rear Panel Eliminator Kit as pictured or a set of replacement rear grilles (and optional number plate panel).



- Exceptionally high-quality construction for strength and durability

- Easy installation

- Adjustable Tail Pipes

- Non-intrusive (no resonance into cockpit)

- Low DB yet retains sports exhaust note



- Single-sheet construction for high strength (e.g. these are not ribbed like systems using much thinner materials which can cause reverberation and lead to premature failure due to resonance frequencies).

- Brackets : 304 Grade Stainless

- Tubes : 304 Grade Stainless

- Brushed Finished Single Mandrel Bend Tubes

- 7 Inch diameter silencer in 304 Brushed Stainless steel.

- Tail Pipes : 304 Grade Polished Stainless

- Perforated Internals – 304 Grade Stainless

- Wadding : Special Mix

-  Noise and durability tuned to Hangar 111 specification


In 2009 we went back to the drawing board to re-invent the sports exhaust using all of our prevous experience and working knowledge of the industry as our guide.  The result is a range of systems that fulfil all of our high standards for fitment, sound level, material quality and construction.  We are pleased to present our Signature range of Stainless Steel sports exhaust for Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven Lotus models.