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Carbon Gearknob Lightweight - Toyota Cars

Carbon Gearknob Lightweight - Toyota Cars
No-compromise ultra-lightweight carbon fibre gearknob with brass insert.  Designed for use with lift-up reverse mechanism on Toyota engined Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven models.

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This gearknob is unfilled, which means it is the lightest it can possibly be in this application.  This may result in a more harsh feel to the gear shift.  If you are considering this product for road use, you may prefer the weighted  versions which are slightly heavier and therefore give a more refined feel when used on the road.


Compatible Fitments

    * Lotus - 2-Eleven [Toyota Supercharged]
    * Lotus - Elise S2 111R [Toyota]
    * Lotus - Elise S2 SC [Toyota Supercharged]
    * Lotus - Exige S2 111R [Toyota]
    * Lotus - Exige S2 220S [Toyota Supercharged]
    * Lotus - Exige S2 240R [Toyota Supercharged]
    * Lotus - Exige S2 250 [Toyota Supercharged]