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Piper VVC to Non-VVC Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Piper VVC to Non-VVC Hydraulic Conversion Kit
Converts from VVC camshafts to solid cams allowing higher bhp tuning with Piper camshafts.  270 or 285 Profiles.  Fitment: Elise S1 111S - Elise S2 111S only.

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A conversion kit to remove the VVC cams and Mechanism from the VVC cylinder head as fitted to the Elise 111S.


This kit contains: Cams, single valve springs, vvc end plates and gaskets, actuator plate cover, vernier pulleys, a timing disc and running in lube.

Removal of the factory VVC mechanism allows the full potential of the VVC head to be fully realised when combined with uprated induction and engine management.

Here at the Performance Centre, we have maps for the Emerald M3dk for most applications.

Getting more power from your Lotus is not an exact science! Please contact us if you would like some assistance with choosing the right performance upgrade package for you and your car.

Cam Details

The BP270 cam is a straight forward installation.  Generally referred to as the Stage 2 of cam tuning the profile performs well when used in conjunction with other turning products such as our sports exhaust and cats giving a good torque and power increase.

The BP285 cam is by nature designed for modified road/track day cars.  Generally referred to as the stage 3 of cam tuning this profile retains the tractability required for road use whilst giving good mid range torque and top end power.  This profile works extremely well with a ported head, throttle bodies and a Emerald ECU.  We also recommend improving the exhaust system with one of our 4-2-1 manifolds, sports cat and free flow sports exhaust.