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Emerald ECU Loom Adapter Elise S2

Loom adapter that allows simple plug and play connection of the Emerald K6 ECU to the Elise S2 wiring loom. Not suitable for VVC engine.  Connecting lead allows mounting Emerald ECU in boot space.

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This simple plug-and-play solution allows the Emerald K6 engine management unit to seamlessly connect to the Elise S2 wiring loom without cutting a single wire. Installation of the Emerald ECU with this adapter takes an experienced technician appx 45mins.

Fully waterproof solution that retains the original ECU cover panel - thus ensuring all fuses and wiring remains dry and therefore reliable!

Developed by Hangar 111 by leading loom specialists to ensure waterproof seals and footprint to match that of the original connectors leaving engine bay tidy and wiring reliable.

The connecting lead is appx 14 inches long to allow positioning of Emerald K6 in the boot space.

- Full support for Idle-air control valve – no replacement IACV is required

- Fully Integrated with all instrument pack (Stack & Shurlok type)

- Fully integrated with power and ignition system connections

- No cutting of wires is required

- Fully sealed cabling and waterproof connectors

Please note:  The Emerald K3 ECU will also work with this solution however the Emerald K3 WILL NOT work with the original Elise S2 Idle Air Control Valve (IACV).  In this instance, an Elise S1 IACV will be required along with the necessary wiring into the loom adapter.  The Emerald K6 ECU supports the S2 IACV fully.



Ideal for European use in countries such as France where the ECU can be installed for track days and removed for vehicle testing and road use if necessary.

Complete installation takes approximately 30 mins and the ECU sits in the recess of the S2 boot bulkead, making this the cleanest possible solution for fitting an Emerald ECU into the Elise S2.

The K6 unit features all the functions of the Emerald K3 unit and more.  For Lotus applications, one of the most important benefits is the K6 ability to work with the Elise S2 Idle Air Control Valve (IACV).  This removes the need to source and replace the original item with that of the earlier Elise S1.