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Komo-Tec Exige V6 CAI - EX370

Cold air induction kit and re-map for Exige V6 - increases performance by approx 15bhp. ECU reflash and installation at Hangar 111 workshops.

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Komo-Tec EX370 Cold Air Induction kit - for Lotus Exige S V6.

The Exige S V6 comes from the factory with a convoluted and restrictive airbox, taken from the original Toyota donor car and modified to fit the Exige engine bay.  By freeing up the intakes ability to breathe cold air, allows the engine ECU to adjust the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing to deliver more power.

It is advisable to remap the ECU to accomodate the change in air flow, to ensure the fuelling and igntion timing is added, such that the engine is not damaged by lean running.  This will also maximise the advantage of the air box hardware.

The Komo-Tec Exige V6 EX370 kit consists of:
- High-quality carbon fibre air box, with high-flow K&N sports cone filter
- Black anodised CNC aluminium MAF sensor housing
- Alloy airbox mounting bracket
- Vacuum reservoir to retain exhaust flap function
- ECU reflash and installation at Hangar 111 workshops

Hangar 111 are the exclusive UK partner for Komo-Tec performance kits.