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ECUMaster EMU Black ECU

ECU Master EMU Black ECU for all Toyota-engined Lotus models. Fully programmable.  Intended for track use only.   Price includes adapter lead where applicable (select Engine Type). Contact us for setup and mapping on our in-house dyno.   The adapter for the Exige V6 is no longer available.  EMU Pro is coming soon.

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The EMU Black ECU from ECUmaster is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines available.

The EMU Black controls fueling, ignition and all auxiliary systems on both cable and electronic throttle cars, including those with variable valve (and lift) control, and traction and stability control (DPM) programmes.

A host of built-in features, including wideband lambda control, and MAP sensor, provide maxiumum flexibility, at lower costs, negating the requirement for external or supplemental signal conditioning control systems and the associated wiring that other management systems require.

With native CANBUS on-board, the ECU can communicate with any external CAN protocol devices, including ABS and dash systems.

The professional solid construction of the ECU itself, meeting global electronic construction standards, with full IP65 enclosure, ensures that the ECU is able to operate in the harshest of environments.


For the Toyota 2ZZ engine (with electronic throttle), there is a direct plug-compatible plug and play version, which eliminates the need to for any additional wiring harness.  For other engines, a professionally constructed off-the-shelf wiring harness is supplied.

Built-in data logging provides diagnostic and tuning capability, which can be extended by use of the ECUmaster EDL-1 data logger, which can log up to 11 hours runtime per 1GB of removeable SD storage, and Bluetooth connectivity for Android.

Also now available is the 5 or 7 inch ADU LCD dash display, which works seemlessly in conjunction with the ECU and data logger to provide a customisable fully detailed race dash display.

An extensive feature-rich software application provides full control of the ECU, and allows a host of functions to be configured for the engine - for example, specified cranking time before engine start, etc.

Price includes adapter lead where applicable (please select required Engine Type).

With the ability and experience to fully map this ECU in-house on our rolling road dyno, we offer a true end-to-end installation and setup at Hangar 111.

EMU Black - Traction Control

The original Lotus factory-fitted ECU has a traction control program that is setup by the factory to behave in a certain way in many different, varying conditions.

The EMU Black ECU features it's own high-specification user-configurable racing traction control program which replaces the factory traction control strategy completely and therefore may feel different in operation.  Fine-tuning will be required to achieve the desired operation.  The traction control program is for TRACK USE ONLY and should not be relied apon on the public roads.


NB: Prices are for ECU and adapter (where applicable), excluding installation and mapping.