Engine Management

Original Lotus ECU Reprogramming and Aftermarket Systems

There is only so far you can modify the engine of your Lotus before you are going to need to address the engine management. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the heart of the beast and updating the existing software or replacing the unit completely are the only options.

From simple ECU reflashes for instant benefits through to fully programmable systems from Emerald and EFI, we can provide a complete installation, setup and mapping service which will tune your Lotus engine for the best possible performance.

Combined with our vast range of tuning components for the K-Series and Toyota 2ZZ engines we can cater for Lotus Elise, Exige, 340R and 2-Eleven alike. Most configurations can be achieved here at our workshops but for more extensive mapping we have a choice of dynamometers available to us. This is where we can undertake minor tweaks to an existing map (e.g. where an engine has been overhauled or repaired) or create a completely new map where an engine has been built to a new specification.

Software and systems are available for the Rover K-Series (up to 230bhp) and the Toyota 2ZZ engine (up to 315bhp). These include a range of maps developed with our partners Komo-Tec in Germany.

Working closely with Emerald we have developed several solutions that improve the installation of their engine management system, removing the need to cut wires and introduce potential points of failure.

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