Induction Kits

ITG Induction for Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven

For many, the first step in tuning the Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven is changing the factory installed airbox and air filter system.

Development of these products has been part of our close working relationship with Induction Technology Group (ITG) since 2003, giving us the ability to bring to market some of the finest induction kits available for Lotus cars.

Constructed from carbon fibre composites with high-grade aluminium spinnings our flagship Maxogen air flow systems will flow up to 450bhp.

Induction kits are available for normally aspirated Elise and Exige with standard inlet manifold setups, as well as those with throttle bodies and superchargers.

For those looking for a simple yet effective replacement air filter, we can also supply direct replacement filters to simply drop into the original airbox.

ITG Maxogen kits and filters are available from Hangar 111 for the following applications:
Lotus Elise S1, Exige S1, Elise S2, Elise 111R, Elise R, Elise S, Exige S, Lotus 2-Eleven.

For more information on our range of induction kits visit our online store or contact us.

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