Safety Equipment

Motorsport safety equipment and devices

If you are venturing out onto the track with your Lotus we can supply and install tried and tested safety harnesses, harness bars, race seats and fire extinguishers.

Our own specially developed race seats are Hans-device compatible as are all of the harnesses that we supply. Helmets can also be supplied featuring Hans posts.

Harnesses should be positioned as close to the neck as possible to prevent head, chest and shoulder injuries in the event of an impact. To achieve this, the Hangar 111 Race Seat positions the harnesses perfectly around the driver, giving comfort and also allowing the harnesses to operate as they were designed.

We take safety very seriously and selecting the correct harnesses and bar is essential. A well designed harness bar must not be able to shear its securing bolts or be prone to rotating in an impact. For the Elise and Exige we have a specially designed harness bar that bolts in behind the roll-over bar. In an impact, the roll-over bar takes the strain – not the bolt-heads that hold the bar in place. We can supply excellent value for money safety products that are designed to work – not designed to be inexpensive.

Cutting corners on safety equipment could cost you your life. We strongly recommended that all track day Elise, Exige, 340R and 2-Eleven are fitted with the most appropriate safety equipment to ensure your personal safety.

Our line-up of safety equipment includes:

  • 4, 5 and 6 point Safety Harnesses
  • Race Seats with Harness Holes
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems
  • Hans Devices
  • Emergency Cut-off switches
  • Harness Bars
  • Harness & Race Seat Installation Kits
  • Race wear, helmets and intercom kits

Through years of club-level motorsport alongside building and supporting track and race cars we have an excellent knowledge of the latest equipment and developments.

Full installation and setup can be performed at our workshops.

If you would like additional information, please visit our online store or contact us.

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