Rover K-Series Engine Tuning

Rover K-Series Normally Aspirated Engine Tuning

Suitable for Lotus Elise S1, Elise S2, Exige S1 & 340R – Rover K-Series 1.8 engine

We offer a range of tuning options delivering useable power between 135 and 210 bhp, and specially built race engines capable of more. All builds, installation, engine management setup and tuning are available from Hangar 111. Give your K-engined car a new lease of life with our proven performance upgrades. Rebuilds for VHPD 190bhp versions also available.

After-market engine management is available with an Emerald K6 controller for all K-engined cars, with plug-and-play connectivity using Hangar 111’s loom adapter, increasing reliability and saving hours of wiring.

Whether you are looking for a simple performance upgrade to an otherwise standard car or something more sophisticated for your track or race prepared car we have an array of options available.

Our development of the K-Series starts with Induction and exhaust system and continues with head porting and polishing, camshafts and engine management. For more power we have options with replacement big-valve cylinder heads and throttle bodies. Our most extreme derivatives have included 1.9ltr conversions that give the K-Series an incredible torque increase alongside a good level of durability.

Included in our tuning options for the K-Series Engine:

  • Induction Kits – for single and multiple throttle body applications.
  • Exhaust Manifolds – specific to the level of tuning to maintain backpressure
  • Throttle Bodies – for taking your K-Series to the next level!
  • Head Porting & Polishing – Release the potential of even the most standard K-Series
  • Camshafts – Mild for road and track or more aggressive cams for track and race
  • Complete Engine Builds – To our specification or to your exact requirements
  • Engine Management – Setup your K-Series to work perfectly with your chosen options

We haven’t forgotten about the VVC engine as featured in the 111S either! We have a number of tuning options that fit perfectly with this engine, giving an excellent boost in power and mid-range torque while maintaining that smooth power delivery across the rpm-range.

Of course more power generally means more heat, therefore we carry a wide-range of engine cooling and heat-management solutions to reduce oil temperatures and protect essential engine components.

For more details about what we can offer please visit our online store or contact us.

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