Toyota 2GR V6 Engine Tuning

Toyota 2GR V6 Normally Aspirated Engine Tuning

Suitable for Evora(2009-on) V6 models – Toyota 2GR-FE 3.5 engine

In conjunction with our Komo-Tec partners in Germany, we have developed a power upgrade package available for the normally aspirated V6 Toyota engine as fitted to the Evora model. In standard form the engine produces 280bhp and 260lb/ft (manufacturer data), however the combination of carefully selected uprated components, and engine ECU reprogramming, sees our upgrade kit take this to the 300bhp mark. As a bonus, the wonderful sound of the V6 is also allowed to shine through, adding to the overall driving experience enhancement of the packages.
This upgrade package is suitable for EVORA (EV) non-supercharged models from 2009 onwards.


The EV300 upgrade kit features specially developed components, which when combined with the Komo-Tec engine management re-program, produces an additional 20bhp and 30lb/ft. This gives the car 300bhp and 290lb/ft of torque, a real performance enhancement over the standard car, which you can feel from 3000rpm all the way to the red-line. The performance tuned exhaust manifolds, free-flowing sports cat, and silencer, produce an improved engine soundtrack too!

Fully installed, setup and tested at our workshops by trained technicians, each car receives a full diagnostic health check, giving you complete peace of mind.

EV300 upgrade includes:

  • Engine diagnostic health-check
  • Performance-optimised quality stainless steel exhaust manifolds
  • Free-flowing sports catalytic converter
  • Stainless steel exhaust silencer with twin 85mm tailpipes.
  • Sports air filter
  • Engine management system reflash

For current pricing and availability of the EV300 kit please visit our online store or contact us.

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