Toyota 2ZZ Engine Tuning

Toyota 2ZZ Normally Aspirated Engine Tuning

Suitable for Elise 111R, Exige S2 (2004-on), & 2-Eleven – Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8 engine

The high-revving Toyota 2ZZ engine is a versatile engine to tune. With our selection of upgrades for Elise 111R, Exige S2 and 2-Eleven, we have managed to retain driveability alongside track-day and race-capable setups in normally aspirated form. From simple induction and exhaust, through to camshafts and engine management, we have something for all budgets and aspirations.

The Toyota engine in the 2004 onwards range of normally aspirated Elise and Exige is more commonly associated with forced induction tuning to achieve power. While this is a popular route to take, this capable engine has available some very usable upgrade options for those with a lower budget in mind.

Usable power can be found in the shape of Induction, Exhaust and ECU reprogramming, while replacement camshafts can slightly or radically change the power characteristic for fast road and track use. The correct combination of parts can provide excellent mid-range torque improvements and retention of road-drivability while delivering superb track and race performance. Included in our tuning options for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine:

  • Induction Kits – better breathing for cable and electronic throttle cars
  • Sports Catalysts – for track and race use
  • Camshafts – Mild for road and track or more aggressive cams for track and race
  • Complete Engine Builds – upgrading existing internals or builds to 1.95ltr for higher torque
  • Engine Management – re-flash to the factory ECU or fully programmable solutions
  • Exhaust Systems – designed to manage back pressure and noise for track days

Of course if you do choose to take the supercharger route we have options for that which can be found here.

More power generally means more heat, therefore we carry a wide-range of engine cooling and heat-management solutions to reduce oil temperatures and protect essential engine components.

For more details about what we can offer please look at our online store or contact us.

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