Elemental Shower Caps

Lotus Elise Shower Cap

The Elemental shower cap is a quick and easily installed cockpit cover which, will not only protect the interior when the roof is off, it will also fit over the hard or soft-top to prevent any rain leakage.

Designed with the basic concepts of the Elise S1 in mind, the shower cap is minimal in weight and volume and can be fitted in seconds. The cover comes with a storage bag which fits easily behind the driver’s seat, and once on – it looks great!  The tailored design compliments the lines of the Elise and fits neatly across the entire windscreen – offering protection against damage by direct sunlight to the car interior. Where the car may be left outdoors in the winter, the shower cap will fit over the hood to prevent any water ingress and can also be used to protect from frost on the windscreen.


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