Suffolk Rolling Road Testing and ECU Mapping

Rolling Road Dynamometer Testing and ECU Mapping

Our Dyno is now operational and can be found HERE

When we carry out significant performance upgrades, we will usually start with a full diagnostic check and power run to ensure that the vehicle is running correctly. A final power run is always performed to check that the engine is behaving correctly and fuelling is doing what it should be. We use the same dyno for all before and after testing to ensure a correct comparison is made.

In our experience correctly calibrated roller-based dynamometers are the most effective way to establish power characteristics and measure fuelling. They are also the most practical for making trims to existing maps and are much less intrusive to the vehicle itself, reducing the potential of increased stresses on wheel bearings, hubs and drive flanges.

Correct airflow for engine bay cooling and inlet air is also essential to achieving consistent and accurate test results on the rolling road. Multiple, variable speed fans can achieve this more effectively.

Full diagnostics and data acquisition equipment is used to allow us to closely monitor your vehicles performance and pinpoint those elusive faults that can lead to loss of performance.

Against vehicle RPM, we can measure and record as a minimum:

  • Torque, BHP (calculated back to the flywheel)
  • Air Fuel Ratio (or lambda)
  • Inlet air temperature (at the airbox)
  • Boost Air Temperature (after the intercooler)
  • Boost Pressure (SC cars)
  • Injector Performance
  • Ignition Advance

Customers who have purchased tuning packages receive a copy of their power graph at no extra charge.

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