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Komo-Tec Turbodrive Supercharger Kits

Quiet-Running Rotrex Supercharger from Komo-Tec Germany:

The near-silent Rotrex supercharger option is ideal for the Elise 111R and Elise S giving a smooth power delivery and highly refined driving experience. All components sit below the rear screen level in the Elise and Exige. These kits have been developed by Komo-Tec in Germany and are fully installed and tested by Hangar 111 in the UK.

In a 1ZR-engined car (Elise 1.6, 2011 on), it delivers approx 195bhp and 159lb/ft.

In a 1ZZ-engined car (Elise S), it delivers approx 215bhp and 182lb/ft.

In a 2ZZ-engined car (111R, Exige), it delivers approx 260bhp and 184lb/ft of torque.

Incorporating a front-mounted charge cooler, the Turbodrive kit runs at much lower temperatures to achieve its power, which reduces thermal stress on the engine, valves, and exhaust system. The kit significantly improves the power to weight ratio of the car and radically enhances the dynamics of the vehicle by removing the sudden ‘surge’ of the cam switch at 6200 rpm – instead delivering a smoother torque curve from 3000rpm up to the rev-limiter. This smooth characteristic is friendlier to drive through corners and makes the vehicle more predictable (and therefore safer) when applying the power.

Compared to most other forced induction kits the Turbodrive kit:

  • Delivers significantly more power
  • Remaps the original Lotus B-Type ECU – retaining all factory functions.
  • Delivers significant increase in torque from 3000rpm.
  • Achieves a smooth cam change at 4500rpm.
  • Places lower thermal load on the pistons and exhaust valves.
  • Uses the same cam profiles as a non-turbo engine.
  • Requires no engine block/cylinder head modification to achieve power.
  • Maintains the vehicle dynamics that make it a Lotus!

The Turbodrive kit installation includes:

  • Engine diagnostic health-check
  • Pre-installation rolling road power run
  • Highly efficient front-mount chargecooler pre-cooler (requires front clamshell removal)
  • Rear mounted water-jacket type chargecooler
  • Supercharger pressure recirculation/bypass valve
  • Carbon fibre induction kit (original airbox is required)
  • Alloy connecting pipes for charger
  • Sill-mounted chargecooler pump
  • Specially calibrated fuel injectors
  • Uprated NGK spark-plugs
  • Centrifugal-type Rotrex Supercharger (near silent operation)
  • Remote lubrication system and cooler for supercharger
  • Remapped Lotus ECU (Cable-throttle cars need B-Type ECU – Option to supply this with kit)
  • Optional 200cpi sports catalyst (for optimum performance)
  • Optional Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust System (designed for optimum performance)
  • After-installation power run with comparative before/after print-out
  • Discrete Turbodrive 200S, 220S or 250S vinyl logos
  • All parts, labour fixings, hoses and brackets required


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Turbodrive 250S Turbodrive 220S Turbodrive 200S
Elise 111R & Exige S2 Elise S only Elise 1.6 only

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