Turbo Technics Supercharger Maintenance & Repair

After a number of customers with Turbo Technics Supercharger installations visited us for repairs and maintenance, we were pleased when Turbo Technics offered us the rights to the parts and remaining stock in order to support and maintain the kits to our own high standards.

Using original and reproduction components, we can perform complete disassembly and reassembly of the supercharger units, inspection of internals and repair or replacement most of the internal parts as required.

All refurbishment work can be combined with a service for your vehicle which can reduce overall costs. If any part of the supercharger internals have failed, new internal components may be required.  We recommend having your charger inspected annually alongside your service and the oil cooler system inspected regularly for any leaks.  A full refurbishment is advised every two-years or annually if running the vehicle on track days.  The TT supercharger is set up and maintained correctly it will give many years of good service.

Some of the many components we carry in stock:

  • Pulleys & Springs for tensioners
  • Internal Bearings
  • Centre Spindles
  • Alternator Pulleys
  • Replacement Tensioners
  • Replacement Chargecoolers & Pre-Rads
  • Oil Hoses & Fittings


Individual Turbo Technics components can be found in our online store, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

As the TT chargers age, and available parts deminish, we have developed a Rotrex conversion kit to replace the TT charger, where it has become beyond economic repair.  The Rotrex supercharger is a much quieter,  super-high efficiency item, with an independent oil system that allows you to run a more appropriate oil in the engine. The kit allows you to retain the original inlet and chargecooler system, or you could upgrade to our high-efficiency chargecooler system as found on our K260 kit.

More details of the Turbo Technics to Rotrex conversion kit can be found in our online store.


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