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Vehicle Performance Check

When developing and setting up performance kits or diagnosing faults, we use the latest technology from Lotus & KTM alongside our own in-house developed data logging platform.  This combination allows us to capture engine performance data from a wide range of sensors in real time during dynamic testing on the road or track.  This extensive cache of data can then reveal the overall health of your engine and help to locate any potential issues.

If you are concerned about the performance of your car and would like us to carry out more in-depth diagnostics than you will find at any main dealer or general service garage contact us today for further information.


Emerald K6 ECU Plug & Play

We have developed an interface for the Elise S2 that allows plug and play connection of the Emerald K6 ECU into the original Elise S2 wiring Loom without cutting a single wire!

The interface is desgined to make installation very simple and take just a matter of minutes versus the back-breaking hours that you would normally spend cutting and splicing wires to install the Emerald in the Elise S2.

You can find the interface lead in our online store.


Hangar 111 Video Now Online!

Check out the side-bar on the right to find the latest video uploads and selected favourite videos on our new You Tube Channel!

New videos being added regularly including blasts from the past and a few familiar faces!

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