Creaking Hard Tops

If your Lotus hardtop is making creaking or squeaking noises, or vibrating, there are a few things you can do to help resolve this situation…


Carefully remove the roof, then clean and spray all surfaces that touch the rubbers with a thin coat of  a dry teflon lubricant (available from many places – including bike shops etc.).  This stuff doesn’t run when it gets hot and won’t penetrate the rubbers causing splitting later on.  There are a few types out there and they work really well on window channels too.

Make sure all the seals are correctly positioned, and the roof is pushed home, before tightening all the fasteners to the Lotus torque specification.


Avoid using vaseline, white grease, multi-purpose grease, lard (yes – we have seen this done), surf wax, olive oil, other wet  ‘lubes’. Do not use a wet silicone lubricant – as it will find it’s way out of the joint and you will be wiping it up forever!

Don’t be tempted to keep cranking away at tightening the bolts –  they will eventually strip the threads or even crack the hardtop!

Don’t spray directly onto the rubbers – you will end up with it on your interior.  Spray the contact points on the roof itself with it upturned on a carpet or protective mat.  Let the spray dry before upturning the roof and re-fitting.

Final step, enjoy your creak-free hardtop!

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