More Exige & Evora V6 S Power!

Following hot on the heels of our successful 390 and 410 power upgrade kits, we now have the new 430 kit, to take your supercharged Exige S  and Evora S even further!

The 430 kit produces 430bhp and 340lb/ft (460NM), a further increase of 20bhp and 10nm over the 410.  This power upgrade can be applied incrementally to an existing 390 or 410 with no replacement of existing upgraded parts, or all at once to a standard car.

Now available for the Evora S – EV390   EV410   EV430

Now available for the Exige S – EX390   EX410   EX430

Please contact us for pricing and availability for full kit installations and prices for upgrading your existing 390 or 410 package.

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