Not Only Lotus

Whilst the majority of visitors to Hangar 111 are Lotus, for servicing, repairs, and upgrades, we also get involved with various other sports and performance cars.

This Caterham came to us in need of a little TLC, to get her all ready and raring to enjoy for the summer – it’s owner thought it wasn’t delivering as much as it used to. First job was to get it up and running, then we diagnosed and rectified a number of little issues with the engine likely to have caused some degradation in the performance. A thorough service and inspection to the manufacturers schedule, and a road test identified a few more niggles, easily fixed at our workshop. Finally, a quick check and adjust on our state-of-the-art alignment rig, and she was ready to go.

An email the following week from the owner summed it up quite well… “Early morning start, got really back in tune with the car and noticed much better feel from steering and grip!  Also the engine is zinging as well as it ever has. Felt confident enough to take it on track at Rockingham and albeit not quite as fast on the banked parts as the more powerful cars my friends have, I was up with the pace. The car was brilliant all day, thanks again.”

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