Turbo Technics Supercharger Refurbishment Ceases

Turbo Technics are no longer able to refurbish existing TT superchargers as provided with their TT190, TT215 and TT230 kits for the Rover K-Series engine.

After purchasing the remaining stock of peripheral components for the TT kits from Turbo Technics, we have made some significant modifications to the kit and in the next few months we will be launching our new Rotrex-Based Supercharger kit for the K-Series Elise, Exige and 340R.

Our upcoming SC kit has been delayed due to a design change to allow the our supercharger to be integrated with existing Turbo Technics K-Series installations in the event that the TT chargers should fail.

More news on our supercharger kit development very soon!

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