Warranty, Contract Servicing & Recalls

As an official Lotus service centre, Hangar 111 is able to carry out all warranty, contract servicing, and recall work.  We are equipped with all the current tools to diagnose and repair the very latest Lotus models. With factory-backed technical information and support, we can ensure your car is performing at its best, with any appropriate technical updates applied.

If your car is still under Lotus factory warranty, we are able to repair any warranted issues that may occur on your vehicle.  We can also carry out your routine servicing or factory upgrades whilst retaining your warranty status.

If you bought your car as part of the “3+3” deal, we can carry out the free contract servicing for you – contact us to make a booking.

All Toyota 2ZZ-engined Elise and Exige models may be subject to the recent oil cooler recall. If you are in any doubt whether your car is affected, or have you have purchased a car and want to know if this or any other recall work has been completed, we can help.  Get in touch with us, and we can check if your car has any outstanding recall work.


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