New Year – New Workshops!

The last 18 months have been filled with revisions and improvements to our workshop operations.  Partly due to our introduction of the rolling road dyno and separate parts department, but always with the re-organisation of the main workshop areas in mind.

With additions to our ramps, and improving our storage and work space efficiency, we can accomodate more cars in progress for both servicing and longer project work.  Our customers are always welcome to take a look at what we do.


This is where servicing, repairs and upgrades happen.  We have various types of vehicle lift that allow us to cater for all vehicles.  We have all the specialist tools, dealer diagnostic kit, and technical support from Lotus and KTM that are required to correctly repair and maintain these models.

Engine & Transmission

In the workshop we can repair and rebuild gearboxes and engines using the correct tools and methods specified by the manufacturer.  With the volume of this work steadily increasing, we have now improved our clean-area to cater for this additional workload.

Ride & Handling

Our Snap-On digital imaging wheel aligner and dedicated alignment ramps have been repositioned and recalibrated to allow drive-in, drive-out wheel alignment and vehicle setup at short-notice. Our sophisticated wireless weighing scales allow corner weights to be measured and adjusted accurately.

Dyno & Superchips

The 2WD rolling road has it’s own sound-insulated and air flow controlled environment.  Here we can capture performance, diagnose problems and map or remap many engine management systems – including Emerald and Lotus OEM.  As the Superchips dealer for the region, we can re-programme the engine management of almost all modern diesel and petrol vehicles usually within an hour.

Parts Department

With 2016 as our busiest year to date, we decided to both move and extend our parts department.  The new layout is more efficient and better organised, giving us the ability to process parts requests more effectively than ever before.

Customer Waiting Area

Although we have some lovely locations nearby, if you are just popping in for a short visit, we now have a comfortable waiting area.  With hot and cold drinks, a food prep area if you are with us over lunchtime, and power and wi-fi if you wish to work while you wait for your car to be ready.


But don’t just take our word for it, why not come along and see for yourself!

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