Some Recent Feedback

Here’s some recent feedback we have received from some of our customers…


“Catching up after a fantastic weekend driving the Exige. As you said, it really is stunning. It feels transformed. From the sheer power, responsiveness, turn in, cornering to the overall feel of the new cockpit. A very large thank you for getting it to me by Friday. Thank you for all of your help and advice. I’m very pleased with the result.”

CM – Exige S – EX460 upgrade installation.


“Yes yes love the steering wheel, happy happy. Thank you!!”

GB – Elise S2 – Quick release Momo steering wheel fitted.


“I just thought I would drop a line to say that your newsletter is ace, most news letters are rubbish and I just delete them. They tend to be a waste of time. This I actually read and find really interesting. I have dealt with nearly all of the various companies in the Lotus community and none of them come close to the presenting themselves in such a decent way. It’s just really nice. I just thought you’d like to know as often people just hear bad things and not positive and often people over look the effort that people go to.”



“Just to say the car is fantastic, can’t stop driving it!  Awesome. Acceleration in second gear is unbelievable! Living the dream!”

Rob – Elise 111R – 280S supercharger kit installation.


“I fitted the replacement system last night and managed to get a brief drive out late evening and into work this morning. Initial impressions are very positive as the quality of workmanship is superb and the sound at WOT is spot on. From a ‘bum dyno’ point of view it feels a little more urgent in the low to mid-range, especially on partial throttle opening which I was not expecting as I thought I’d only notice benefits at peak… So, in summary, a great product that’s well made, looks superb, sounds great and most importantly has made a noticeable improvement to performance.

Also, at the risk of sounding sycophantic, I’ve found your customer service to be excellent and I’m really grateful for your patience and time going back to when I initially phoned for advice when buying the car.”

Chris – Elise – Signature exhaust system.


“Still breaking the ‘old girl’ in, but definitely much smoother and a far better overall driving experience.  ‘Speed limits’ are coming up quicker, corners are even more exciting and 5th gear is being used a lot more.  Random pops and burbles are very amusing!  The attention to detail under the bonnet is great – well done to all.”

SC – Sport 160 – Throttle bodies and Emerald upgrade.


“Just to say a big thank you for the instructions and for accommodating me just dropping in. Harnesses and exhaust fitted perfectly, and were tested fully at Snetterton last night 🙂 – exhaust is sounding fantastic and getting better with each mile.”

JH – Elise – Harnesses and Signature exhaust.

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