Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

During the festive period we will be taking some time out to re-charge. We will be opening on reduced hours between 24th December and the 31st December, returning back to normal from 2nd January.

Monday 23rd December   08:30 – 17:00
Tuesday 24th December   08:30 – 12:00
Wednesday 25th December   Closed
Thursday 26th December   Closed
Friday 27th December   Closed
Saturday 28th December   09:00 – 13:00
Monday 30th December   09:00 – 16:00
Tuesday 31st December   09:00 – 13:00
Wednesday 1st January   Closed
Thursday 2nd January   08:30 – 17:00

Snetterton Elise Trophy Sunday 28th July 2019

As you may or may not know, next Sunday the 28th July is the Elise Trophy Snetterton round.  Hangar 111 Racing will be in attendance with three cars and drivers: Chris Marks (Elise Cup), Tim Stracey (Elise 220S) and Mark Richardson (Elise S1). 

This is a local event for us so we will be putting together a few treats for those who want to come and join in with what will hopefully be not only a great weather weekend but also a chance to see our race team in action with all three drivers on the grid.

On display we will have our Komo-Tec Exige EX460 featuring carbon aero from our carbon fibre partner Reverie.  There will be a chance to take a closer look at both Elise S3 race cars we are running that feature EMU Black engine management and JRZ’s One-Way Race Suspension kits.

There will be a chance to speak to us about Scholar Engines who have been building our road, track and race engines for the last 15 years.  Our Elise S1 has been running with a Scholar built engine for almost 10 years.  Ask us about upcoming development works on the 2ZR-FE (Elise S3) engine and 2GR-FE (V6) developments for road and track.

It will be a busy weekend so we have enlisted some help from Marianne and Abby who can deal with any workshop enquiries you might have.  Greg and Dave will also be on hand to answer any technical or race support related questions.  There will also be a few overstock items of Lotus merchandise at crazy low prices too!

We will be in the top area of the paddock just off the entry road so you can’t miss us!


We look forward to seeing you there!


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Exige V6 Demonstrator

Being able to evangelise about how good some of our upgrades are, is one thing, but being able to let you experience them for yourself is definitely another.  With this in mind, a few months ago, we were able to procure an Exige V6, with a view to creating a demo car to showcase some of our favourite upgrade products.

The base car is a 2014 Exige S Roadster – supplied to the previous owner from new, specified with the factory premium and race packs.  The car already had the Komo-Tec EX390 upgrade kit installed a couple of years earlier, and whilst it had been used as these cars are intended, the car was well maintained (by us!), and performed as well as any example.

After a few months of developing the car, it currently has the following upgrades:

Komo-Tec EX460 chargecooled engine power upgrade

The ultimate proven and reliable power upgrade for the V6 has to be experienced to be believed.  Perfectly docile in normal road driving as well as supercar-slaying on the track, the EX460 delivers a significant increase in useable power and torque from lower engine revs right through to the limiter.  The stainless steel Komo-Tec manifolds and sports catalyst are specifically designed, providing optimised gas flow. The addition of the chargecooler system provides a significant reduction in inlet temperatures, allowing more power to be safely released from the engine by the ECU.  This is a particular advantage on track, where the chargecooler allows the engine to deliver all of the power, all of the time.

JRZ one-way adjustable suspension

We have developed the JRZ dampers for Lotus applications over a number of years.  Winning the Lotus Cup UK Championship in 2015 with the Elise Cup R, and their continued success that rivals struggle to match, has proven the track credentials of this upgrade.  However, they are also able to deliver outstanding road manners, handling poor road surfaces with excellent levels of comfort, which is something that is rarely achieved at the entry-level of the aftermarket damper market.  This is something that really has to be experienced first-hand, so was high up the list of things we wanted to do to this car.

With some additional work on our 4-wheel alignment rig to fine-tune the suspension setup, we now have a car which handles and drives in-line with our philosophies, both on the road and at the track.

Reverie carbon fibre aero and styling

We have been working closely with Reverie for over 15 years. The quality of their carbon fibre products is second-to-none, which is why they also produce sub-components for numerous high-end OEM vehicle manufacturers.  Since the car started out as a roadster, it did not have either the factory front splitter or rear spoiler.  We now have fitted the carbon fibre high downforce adjustable rear wing, which is mounted to the engine cover via colour-coded CNC aluminium swept wing mounts.  The wing is complemented by the extended front splitter to balance the aerodynamics and finished with track-spec front canards to aid turn-in.  The replacement side scoops carry the carbon fibre styling from front to the rear of the car.

Pagid RS-14 and Castrol SRF braking upgrade

The car was due for some replacement brakes, so we have retained OEM brake discs, but added the Pagid RS-14 uprated brake pads.  With improved performance at higher temperatures, whilst still retaining good road usability, and longer life without excessive disc wear, the RS-14 provides a cost-effective first stage brake upgrade.  In conjunction with Castrol SRF motorsport brake fluid, which is able to withstand significantly higher temperatures and superior resistance to the effects of absorbed water than a standard brake fluid, the consistency and reliability of the braking system is much improved. Moving forwards, the Komo-Tec KoBra brake upgrade would represent the next stage of this development, giving more heat dissipation and durability for hard-core road and track use.


As well as working as a demonstrator, we also use the car for new and existing product development, and as such already have a couple more upgrades coming to the car soon:

ECUmaster EMU Black programmable ECU

This exciting new product replaces the OEM ECU with a fully-featured programmable ECU.  With a bespoke engine map, this will allow the engine to be tuned to perfectly match the upgrade parts that fitted.  The additional advanced features of the ECU will ensure that the engine runs fully optimised whilst retaining engine safety. We will then be using this to setup bespoke tuned DPM stability and traction control modes, and configure full data-logging capabilities for the car.

H111 Gearbox Cooler Kit

Our own developed gearbox cooler kit helps the gear synchros to work more effectively at higher gearbox oil temperatures, specifically when on track.  This improves the gear shift quality and speed, in turn reducing gearbox and clutch wear.

Signature SV Exhaust System

Currently in development, we have a new range of sound-tuned exhaust systems which are definitely not track friendly! The Signature SV Exhaust for the Exige V6 will be second in-line after the 2ZZ and 2ZR systems are completed in January. More news on this in the new year.


If you are considering upgrades for your car, such as the Komo-Tec packages for V6 cars, the JRZ suspension (all cars), Reverie carbon and would like to see or experience the car, please give us a call to discuss.Facebooktwitter

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