Garage Find!

Today we were asked by a customer to collect a car that has been left parked up for a long time.  We knew it was an Esprit, but weren’t entirely sure what we were going to find…

Turned out to be an S3 Turbo Esprit HC, that has stood in a garage for about 10 years after the owner became unable to run it.  The car is totally original, with just 48,000 miles on the clock, and big pile of paperwork to back it up.


After some cajoling, we got it out into the daylight for the first time in a long while.  The interior is complete, original, and in great condition – indicative of a car that was once loved and well looked after.






It’s now back at the workshop, had the dust washed off it, and is ready to be gently brought back to life.  Lots of care will be taken to inspect everything and work out what needs to be replaced.  Hopefully the engine will turn over, but we’ll be checking it all carefully by hand first.

If you’re interested in a genuine all-original project car, that needs some TLC to be brought back to life, please drop us a line and we can put you in touch with the owner.


First test session of 2015

Today we had our first track test session of the 2015 season.  A productive day was had in the Snetterton sunshine, with our ‘new’ Lotus Elise Cup R race car, and driver James Little. It was good to be getting back into the swing of racing – it feels like a while since our last outing, time flies!


KTM X-Bow GTR race car revealed!

KTM has revealed an exciting preview of the all-new KTM X-Bow GTR GT4 race car.

(Image © KTM 2014)

The GTR is a joint project between KTM and Reiter Engineering, with Austrian design studio Kiska responsible for the overall visual design.

The name and the price have now been confirmed: The KTM X-BOW GTR will be available from April at € 139,000.

The first roll-out of the new vehicle is set for February. March will see the commencement of performance testing, and in spring the GT4 racing car will be available for the numerous customer teams that have expressed an interest.

Now that the various development processes are completed and most of the production processes have begun for the many special parts, Reiter Engineering owner Hans Reiter is now able to communicate the price of the KTM X-BOW GTR. “At € 139,000 we have managed to offer
an attractive price for the most modern and safe GT4 racing car on the market. The GTR features the most advanced racing technology, which is normally only the case in higher categories. And in matters of safety, the monocoque technology offers the most unique protection ever in this class up to this point in time. In addition, thanks to the special construction of our latest racing car, the ‘running costs’ are kept within encouraging limits.”

The creation of the GTR is another important next-step in the ongoing evolution of the X-Bow. KTM launched the X-Bow in 2008, and the X-Bow GT, which features a wrap-around windshield, in 2013. The addition of a third iteration of the X-Bow, one that is fully covered and “Ready To Race” is the next logical step in the vehicles development.


Special Visitor

We have a special visitor to the workshop this week – one of the last 6 Esprit to roll off the production line.

As you can imagine, it has all the updated bits that were fitted to the final run cars, but this car also has a number of modifications.  One of the most notable of which is the de-cat, which gives the flat-plane crank V8 a true supercar soundtrack!

It’s always interesting to be able to see and work on some of these special cars.


Website Launch and Christmas Opening

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new-look website!

We’ve managed to squeeze it in just before Christmas, so you can take some time to have a look around over the holiday period.  We really hope you like the new format, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with what is happening at H111 via this blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve also updated our online store, to ensure we have all our latest products easily available to you. And, if you’ve not already found us, we have set up a new eBay store, where we are selling some new, used, and stock clearance items, at keen prices.

Finally, our opening hours over the Christmas period this year, are as follows:

Date Office Workshop
Monday 22nd December 9am-5pm CLOSED FOR RE-FIT
Tuesday 23rd December 9am-5pm CLOSED FOR RE-FIT
Wednesday 24th December 9am-1pm CLOSED FOR RE-FIT
Thursday 25th December ————– CLOSED ————–
Friday 26th December ————– CLOSED ————–
Saturday 27th December ————– CLOSED ————–
Sunday 28th December ————– CLOSED ————–
Monday 29th December ————- 9am-5pm ————-
Tuesday 30th December ————- 9am-5pm ————-
Wednesday 31st December ————- 9am-1pm ————-
Thursday 1st January ————– CLOSED ————–
Friday 2nd January ———— 10am-4pm ————

All online and eBay store orders will be dispatched when we return to normal working hours on Monday 5th January, where stock is available.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers over the past year, and wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year – we look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Patriotic Esprit Lineup!

We were fortunate to have an interesting lineup of Esprit in the workshop this week – we just had to line them up to take a photo!

Three generations of Esprit: an S2, a ‘Stevens’ Turbo, and a V8, conveniently coloured in red, white, and blue.  Very patriotic, we thought…


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