Monster Front Towing Eye Assembly!

Over time we have noticed not only the rapid deterioration of the original factory-fitted towing eyes, but also the poor substitutes that seem to find their way onto cars as a replacement!  You only want to replace your front towing eye assembly once and with something that far exceeds the requirements for the job.  We are pleased to announce our ‘Monster’ Front Towing Eye Assembly (what other name could we use?!?).

Features on our new Elise 111R race car and compatible with all Elise S2 models and Elise/Exige from 2004 onwards.

Constructed from over-sized stainless steel tube and 3.5mm thick spreader plates, powder coated in hard-black (body) and red (tow-eye).  Supplied with all fixings required.

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Large-Bore Manifold for SC Elise, Exige S & 2-Eleven

The newest addition to our Signature exhaust range is the 4-1 Sports Manifold.  Designed as a simple replacement for the original item and re-using the original heat-shielding, the Signature BB is aimed at those looking to further reduce back-pressure in their forced induction system.  It’s careful design means that no modification to the subframe, mounting points or other exhaust components is required.

During performance testing, we found significant improvements in torque between 3800rpm and 6000rpm and peak power increases at around 8250rpm by as much as 15bhp when used with our Signature Sports Catalyst.

Compatible with OE Catalytic convertor or Signature Sports catalyst.

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JRZ Race Suspension Update

JRZ’s Race suspension kits have gone through several design changes during 2011.  We have been busy testing these on our Elise 111R race car to very good effect (see our previous blog entries from the Race at Spa!).

Combined with our adjustable anti-roll bar and carefully selected springs (which are based on your intended use), the one-way adjustable JRZ One-Way Race kit is the perfect solution for road and track use.  In practice we have found the JRZ dampers to be more durable than any other unit on the market, requiring no expensive mid-season re-valving or replacement bearings.  Easily-accessible damping adjustment and fully-collapsable helper springs add to the benefits of these dampers.  Durable anodised finish, high-quality adjuster seals and Eibach springs finish the package neatly.

Rapidly growing worldwide interest in these kits has provided the opportunity to develop and refine the kits for the Lotus platforms.  We are pleased to have been a part of this development so watch this space for more on the subject in future!  The JRZ Race One-Way adjustable kit for the Lotus Evora is also available and the 2011 Elise 1.6 Club Racer Kit will be available in December.

Hangar 111 are the UK distributor for JRZ Suspension Engineering for Lotus applications.

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Vehicle Performance Check

When developing and setting up performance kits or diagnosing faults, we use the latest technology from Lotus & KTM alongside our own in-house developed data logging platform.  This combination allows us to capture engine performance data from a wide range of sensors in real time during dynamic testing on the road or track.  This extensive cache of data can then reveal the overall health of your engine and help to locate any potential issues.

If you are concerned about the performance of your car and would like us to carry out more in-depth diagnostics than you will find at any main dealer or general service garage contact us today for further information.


Suspension Geometry – Winter Specials

If you drive your car fast on the road or attend track days then you will know just how important it is to keep your alignment in check.

Poor suspension alignment will not only affect your cars handling, but also your tyre wear and braking – ultimately leading to higher costs in the long run.  We recommend an annual check of the suspension geometry and an additional check if you have driven through a pot-hole or clipped a kerb.

We have the latest state-of-the-art camera-based 4-Wheel Alignment System that is capable of adjustments down to 1/60th of a degree which means we are able implement your chosen setup extremely accurately. We hold in stock all spacers, shims and adjustment components so you can be sure that your car will leave us with the best possible ride and handling setup.

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Christmas & January Online Sale

It’s that time again!  Our annual winter specials and online sale is now on!  Discounts are on all product lines featured in the store and are only available to registered online users.  You must be logged in to claim your discount at the shopping cart.  The sale ends on January 31st 2012 so you’ll have plenty of time to browse over the holiday season.

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Merry Christmas!!

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