Emerald K6 for Elise 111R & Exige

During the course of 2010, we worked with engine management guru Dave Walker and Emerald to develop several plug-and-play solutions for Lotus-specific applications.  We are now pleased to announce the first of several very significant developments for Toyota engined Elise 111R, Exige S2 and Supercharged Cup 240 – all featuring the cable throttle assembly.

Dave’s words on this first development on the 2ZZ engine….

“This is an engine that we have been meaning to get around to for some time, but only with the new Emerald K6 ECU has a conversion really been practical.  By teaming up with Hangar 111 we have had the benefit of their experiences in converted supercharged engines, albeit running a re-mapped stock ECU.

After running up their supercharged demo car on our rolling road we installed a new K6 with an adapter harness and set about re-mapping. We spent some time on the cam switching and cam timing maps to see if the stock ECU settings could be improved upon.

Our experiences with the Rover VVC engine led us to believe that the standard Lotus settings would not be improved upon. Without giving too much away at this stage we did find some fairly spectacular gains over the re-mapped stock ECU on this supercharged engine: 30 bhp at one point in the rev range!

Hangar 111 will be offering conversions for cable throttle cars using the triple map K6 ECU fitted via an adapter harness that also contains some hardware to keep the AC unit fully functioning and a CAN bus link in the K6 will power the standard dash.”

The Emerald K6 represents excellent value-for-money with easy -to-use software and a wealth of knowledge to support the product.  The fact that in this guise it is fully compatible with the original dash and simply plugs in via an adapter means instant cost-savings for the tuner.

For more details, contact Hangar 111 on 01473 811811 or email


Jubu Racing 6-Speed Sequential

Jubu Racing have completed testing of their latest gearbox development – a direct replacement 6-Speed sequential unit for the Lotus Elise 111R, Exige S2, Exige S and 2-Eleven.

This is a race-proven full-sequential gearbox and is supplied completely assembled in a C64 housing and includes a carbon gearstick. An optional paddle-shift is also available.  No modifications to the original engine mounts, driveshafts, clutch or differential are required.

The gearbox is Supplied with a standard set of ratios, however custom gear sets are available.  Installation and setup can be carried out here at our workshops if required.

Full details on the product including gear ratios and a video of the box in action on the track can be found in our Online Store…


Extended Diffuser – Elise 111R & Exige S2/S

Through popular demand we now have in stock 60mm extended rear diffusers for Elise S2, Elise 111R and Exige S2 models.  Designed to directly replace the original item.

Constructed from aluminium and finished with tough black stove-baked finish for looks and durability.

Available now in the Online Store…


Uprated Drop Links for Elise & Exige

New for 2011 – Dura-linx Anti-Roll Bar Drop Links for all models.

Maintenance-free high performance uniball drop links are designed to replace the original ARB drop links.

The motorsport-grade spherical bearings inside the rubber boots will last significantly longer than the original items, requiring only occasional lubrication at service intervals.

If you need to replace your drop-links.  Replace them with these and forget about them!  Simple.

Order now for delivery in January. More details about this product are available in our online store.


Christmas 2010 Opening Hours

With the exception of the holidays we are open as usual over the holiday period.  If you are wanting a little fresh-air or a change of scenery come and see us to pick up a last-minute pre-VAT increase bargain or enjoy a hot drink while discussing your requirements for servicing, repairs or tuning.

  • Xmas Eve              9am – 2pm
  • Xmas Day              Closed
  • Boxing Day           Closed
  • Mon 27th Dec     Closed
  • Tue 28th Dec       Closed
  • Wed 29th Dec      9am – 5pm
  • Thu 30th Dec       9am – 5pm
  • New Years Eve    9am – 2pm
  • New Years Day    Closed
  • Sat 1st Jan             Closed

Christmas Shipping Times: All UK & European orders received before 2pm on Friday the 17th December will be shipped in time for Xmas.


Emerald K6 ECU Plug & Play

We have developed an interface for the Elise S2 that allows plug and play connection of the Emerald K6 ECU into the original Elise S2 wiring Loom without cutting a single wire!

The interface is desgined to make installation very simple and take just a matter of minutes versus the back-breaking hours that you would normally spend cutting and splicing wires to install the Emerald in the Elise S2.

You can find the interface lead in our online store.

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