Hangar 111 Racing – Lotus Cup UK Production Champions 2015

This years Lotus Cup and Elise Trophy championships went down to the wire at the final round, which was held at Snetterton on 31st October.

Our drivers James Little and Andrew Bentley only needed to score just 2 points to seal the Lotus Cup production championship. James was also in second position in Elise Trophy, with first an unlikely but still possible goal, and third just a couple of points behind us.  We still had some work to do…

With a hectic schedule of six sessions in one day, including the 90 minute Cup finale, the whole team were feeling the pressure to turn the car around, to our own high standards, in very little time. Things started well, with James delivering under pressure, putting the car on pole position for the first Elise Trophy race, and soon followed this up with a blistering pole for the Cup race by just over a second from the nearest competitor!

The first Elise Trophy race was a tense battle, with the first three cars running together throughout the whole 20 minutes. James did a great job to fend off the persuants, taking the chequered flag in first position by less than two tenths of a second.  The result edged James a little closer to the top of the table, but it would require a DNF from the current leader, and charge through the reversed grid for us.

In the second Trophy race, James battled through from 10th on the reverse grid to finish in a creditable 4th position. Not enough to make the jump up the championship, but the result sealed the runner up spot in this years Elise Trophy championship – very well done to James for his consistent performances throughout the season.

The final race of the day was the big one.  By qualifying in pole position, we had secured one of the two points we needed to confirm the championship, we really only needed to get to the chequered flag to take the overall class honours. James once again made a great start in his stint of the race, running for 50 minutes flat out, and pulling an impressive 15+ second gap over our rivals! A controlled, error-free pitstop was required, and delivered by the team, although some of the lead was eroded by an ill-timed safety car on track.  Next up, Andrew set about driving to the flag. Unfortunately, we were overtaken for the race lead on the final lap of the race, but second position was more than enough to secure a healthy championship victory.

Congratulations to James and Andrew on some very impressive and consistent driving in the Elise Cup R throughout the season, rewarded by sealing the Lotus Cup UK production championship.  With a runner up slot in the Elise Trophy championship also, James can be very pleased with his performances, in only his second season of racing.  Finally, well done to the team at Hangar 111 for delivering a very fast and reliable car throughout the season.


Elise Supercharger Kit for all Toyota 2ZZ cars

We’ve been supercharging the normally aspirated Elise and Exige for a number of years now, continually evolving and refining the performance of our kits. While bolting on a supercharger is relatively straight-forward, making the package work dynamically with the car, delivering the power smoothly and safely has always been our aim. This is no different in our latest generation of Elise and Exige 280S installations which feature our super-efficient chargecooler and Komo-Tec’s latest engine management optimisations.

The cars can be run on the track without the power loss associated with the intercooled factory cars. Using a chargecooler (water to air intercooler), much lower inlet temperatures are achieved allowing the ECU to deliver consistent, reliable power. This effect is thanks to our in-house designed chargecooler systems that have been carefully developed over the last 5 years.


The 280S achieves 285-295bhp and around 180lb/ft of torque, delivered smoothly and with excellent road manners, and is available for all Toyota 2ZZ engined cars, including the 111R.

Full details of the kit can be found in our online store


New Managed Car Storage Facility

We are pleased to announce that the latest expansion plans for our car storage facilities are now complete and ready for vehicles.

Our newly-built secure storage environment is equipped with battery conditioners, tyre protectors, and has 24hr CCTV in operation. A regular schedule of storage maintenance is included in the price to keep your battery, engine, gearbox and tyres ready for their next outing.  We can also accommodate any special requirements you may have, and of course, can carry out any servicing maintenance or upgrades to your car in our workshops while it is with us.

If you need storage for the winter or a longer period please contact us to discuss and book your place – spaces are going very fast!

GREG: Last 2 spaces remaining for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 (as at 22nd Sept).


K-Series Coolant Expansion Tank Failure

When checking the engine oil or coolant level of your K-Series Elise, Exige or 340R it is essential to also inspect the coolant expansion tank closely for cracking or splits. The older the vehicle, the more likely the tank will have become brittle and ‘crazed’ as can be seen in our video.

The solution however is very simple: replace the tank and cap when you notice the crazing appear!  Failure to spot this in good time will cause a gradual over-heating of the engine when the cooling system is unable to achieve the pressure required to keep temperatures down and the coolant moving efficiently around the system. Replacement is quick and simple and avoids potential head-gasket problems in the future.

You can purchase a new expansion tank and pressure cap from our online store here.


Thermal Inlet Manifold Gaskets – Rover K-Series & Toyota 2ZZ

Heat soak into the inlet can be a problem when the cylinder head is in direct contact with an alloy plenum or throttle bodies via a steel or thin silicone-based gasket. In supercharged applications, the cooling from the intercooler or chargecooler on air inlet temps can be compromised if the inlet manifold becomes heat-soaked.  We have observed some very hot inlet manifolds and throttle bodies on normally-aspirated and supercharged cars, running both on the rolling road, and on the track.

In conjunction with a leading OEM manufacturer, we have developed our own thermal inlet manifold gaskets which considerably reduce and can eliminate the heat soak effect.  This simple addition can make a big difference, particularly in the confines of the engine bay, and when the ambient temperatures are high.  We particularly recommend these for the Supercharged K-Series and Toyota 2ZZ engines but also for users of K-Series engines with Throttle bodies or VVC manifolds.  Look out for gaskets for the Exige and Evora V6 models which will be coming soon.

Thermal inlet manifold gaskets for Rover K-series and Toyota 2ZZ engined cars are available now via our online store.


Updated Windscreen Seal for all Series 2 cars

Is your windscreen seal damaged or perished? Tired of water leaks from the corners of the windows?

We recently fitted a new design uprated windscreen seal to an S2 Elise, which not only looked much better than the worn out original, but performs much better too!  The updated design of seal features an integrated rubber funnel at each side, in the corner where the roof meets the side windows. This catches any water ingress at this point that would normally drip down onto the sill trim, and guides it away down the inside of the seal.






The updated seal is suitable for all S2 Rover and Toyota engined cars.  Please contact us for more details.

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